Sunday, 15 July 2012

Aurora update

Gosh. After hospital, dreadful weather and chemo finally got back to poor caravan! I have replaced the inner skin and next have to cut aluminium outer (gulp). Top tip for anyone needing aly I rang my local factory and they cut me an offcut to my size and only charged £15! Brilliant as I thought it would be £44 for sheet and £10 cutting fee. Hopefully more pics very soon if it doesn't blooming rain. Kate x


  1. Wow you really are renovating the caravan. You are a lot braver than me, I only do the interiors to make them pretty. Look forward to seeing the progress xx

  2. Good luck with Aurora,can't wait to see finished project.
    have just brought my first retro style caravan BINKY. She only needs the inside made cosy.Have done a post about her if you fancy a look.


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