Saturday, 21 April 2012

Boo to bowel cancer

I have thought long and hard about whether I should write about this. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with bowel cancer which was a surprise as I am a healthy 45 year old with no family history of any type of cancer. I am having an op on 1 May to remove the tumour and feel ready to share this now as a colonoscopy today revealed there is only one. I have also had a ct scan so we know there is no spread to lungs or liver. Weirdly I am not at all worried and am glad to just be losing the unwelcome guest!
Apart from being very tired I was sent for tests after several trips to doctor with anaemia. I just knew something did not feel right because of tiredness so if you have any concerns always go to your doc, do not put it off. Intuition is a gift! Will write more soon but just wanted to post for anyone else who is putting off the trip to docs because it is embarrassing. I feel fine and all of us here are doing great. Kate x

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